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Vision Sunday

On Sunday, I shared my prophetic sense that we have been in a time of transition lasting from Jan to Sept. During this time, key things have been happening:

  • Refinement of vision/values as God been speaking

  • Appointment of key leaders – Chris Beaumont, Jon Tearne, Mark & Kate Aldridge

  • Changes in wider staff team - various

  • Engaging key leaders/people in church

  • Phase 1 buildings changes notably the welcome and hospitality area and chairs

As I reflect on this change, I characterise this change in three ways:

  1. From Church Plant to Planting Church!

  2. From Parish Church to Resourcing Church

  3. From growing church to sending church!

In fact, the transition is so significant, feels like we are launching …

St John’s 2.0!

At least in terms of the journey we have been on in the last five years.

It is an exciting and slightly scary moment as we feel God call us to ‘get out of the boat’ and fix our eyes on Jesus and being our occupation of the promised land, to mix a few biblical metaphors.

Our generalised vision is clear, and we have some clarity about next steps, but for the rest we need to trust God.

Here I would like to share more detail about our vision and values.


To be a family of God on mission transforming Clarendon Park and beyond with the love and power of Jesus Christ.

Mission- this is how we will realise our vision…

Make Disciples, Transform Communities, Plant Churches

Values – these are the way we will go about our mission…

Devotion in Worship, prayer, and to the Bible – we seek to grow as a community of missional disciples of Jesus Christ; recognising our dependence on God for all and seeking to be passionate in worship and expectant in prayer pursuing his presence and seeking always to go deeper in Word and Spirit.

  • Passionate worship and expectant prayer that changes us

  • Pursuit of his presence through prayer ministry and the gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • Culture of humility and service, growth and discipleship

  • Respect of authority inside and outside church

Radical in Generosity – reflecting God’s nature as we give what we have generously, and share the Good News creatively. We seek to send out and multiply disciples & ministries and plant churches. We bless all that is good in society & pray and work to transform all that is not.

  • Generous giving by the church family covers church ministries and enables sending and church planting

  • Outward focus in all we do, sending and giving away culture: money, leaders, people

Authenticity in relationships – seek to build fun, vibrant and authentic community as extended family on mission: strong at our core expressing radical love and generosity, open to all offering welcome and hospitality, working in partnership with others.

  • Love sharing lives in vibrant small groups

  • Teams marked with fun and passion

  • Warm welcome and quick integration into church life

  • Partnering with other churches, groups and the diocese

  • Culture of honour

  • Say ‘we’ more than ‘I’

Audacious faith – we take risks for God and set ‘God-sized’ goals praying and working that God’s kingdom would come. We give our all in response to his great goodness.

  • Encourage one another to aim high

  • Love pioneering and being entrepreneurial

  • Love enthusiasm creativity and trying new things; accept failure as part of creativity

  • Love doing things really well.

  • We are tenacious, determined and resilient

  • We give our all in response to his great goodness.

Practices – this is what it means for me and you to be a member of St John’s church…

Everybody involved, everybody supported…

Belong – Everybody belongs to and regularly attends central church and to a small group or team

Pray – Everybody prays individually and together

Give – Everybody gives financially

Serve - Everybody uses their time and talents to serve

Make Disciples – Everybody seeks to make disciples as part of their day to day lives

Please do send your feedback and comments on all the above – tell us what you are excited about!

Join us on this next phase of the adventure!!

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