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We love children and families!

We miss you and can't wait to be together again! In the meantime we encourage you to continue your own family's Adventure in Faith as you walk with Jesus day by day.

We hope our weekly resources help you do just that. 

Adventures in Faith video resources.

We are also running monthly zoom calls for children following our Adventures in faith series, these are on the last Sunday of the month. Please contact us via the button below for more information and to sign up.


Peer support and friendship group for mums with babies 12 months and under, 11am Wednesday at St Johns. Please contact us via the button below for details

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Children and families'resources

Adventures in Faith activity pack

Each video has a resources pack that run alongside it giving reflections on the story, prayer, craft and fun activities as well as ideas for conversations you could have in everyday life that link to the topic.  The videos and activity packs can be used separately or together and used to draw out the elements that help your family to explore faith at home.

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Something for Everyone,  from songs for little ones, action songs and a variety of worship songs to help your  praise and worship at home 

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Other resources you might find helpful.

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Sunday groups

At the 11am service all ages join together for the first part of the service.

After around 15mins children leave to join their groups according to their age.

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