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Each year at St Johns we support a number of organisations locally, nationally and internationally that demonstrate the love of God in various ways, through prayer and financial support. Each of the organisations is in some way connected to our church, either through a partnership or through our members. This enables us to have a closer relationship with the organisation, get regular updates and see the impact of our giving. The PCC of St John's reviews the mission partners each year, and ensures that each organisation aligns with our vision and values.

In addition to supporting these specific partners, we are often able to support our own members on short term mission trips with a small gift. If you are interested in receiving such a gift, please contact the office: 

Information on our current mission partners can be found below.

Mission Partners

New Wine Logo.png

New Wine

New Wine’s vision is to see local churches changing nations.

This is their vision statement:

"We want to encourage a renewal of all things by uniting church members and their leaders, to understand and agree their vision so that, together, all individuals can work towards a new way of being God’s people. We want to provide an effective way of engaging with God and his kingdom for every generation, acknowledging existing culture and evolving appropriately.
We want to empower and equip leaders to live out and grow God’s kingdom by teaching Spirit and Kingdom principles that can be applied locally to meet the needs of their community and church family."


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