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 "God does nothing, save in answer to prayer!"

John Wesley

We believe that prayer is the foundation of what it means to be the people of God. We have a number of opportunities for you to join in with prayer.

36 Hours of Prayer

36 hour prayer banner without text.jpg

Friday 18th March 8pm to Sunday 20th March 8am 

We will have a prayer room available at church with resources to help you pray

Morning Prayer

There are two opportunities to join in with prayer every week during term time, they are as follows. 

Tuesdays | Zoom Prayer Breakfast | 7am Online

Join us via Zoom for 30 minutes of prayer & worship over breakfast. 

To join the zoom call go to:

Wednesdays | Morning Prayer | 9am At Church

A quiet reflective space with readings, liturgy and a chance to pray.

SJB Church, 4A Clarendon Park Road

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