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Exodus Series 1 - Small Group Leader Notes 9/1/22

Exodus and Freedom: The Call of Abraham

This Sunday we explored the theme of freedom via the call of Abraham in Genesis 12:1-7. We considered: What freedom is, what we are freed from, and what freedom is for.

What is freedom:

How do you define freedom? How does this relate to God?

Does the fish out of water image from the sermon help to draw out the implications of humanity as being made with purpose, rather than believing that we have the capability to create ourselves?

What are we freed from:

In order to follow the call of God, Abraham needed to leave behind anything else that he found security, strength and identity in. How do you connect with this radical call?

Does the example and teaching of Jesus increase or decrease the radical nature of the call to follow God? Is there anything you might need to let go of in order to respond wholeheartedly to the call of God on your life?

What freedom is for:

The secular culture in the west typically understands freedom as the ability to 'do whatever we want', however studies are showing and have shown that this type of 'freedom' does not lead to a healthy place. In the life of Abraham, we see that the life he steps into with God will bring blessing not just for himself but for multitudes of others - what does that teach us about biblical freedom?

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