Easter Sunday Baptisms

‘Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!’ This is how we started our Easter services.

We celebrated Jesus’ resurrection with lots of energy through both morning services, beginning with the 9 am and a roaring fire outside in the garden representing that Jesus is the light of the world; we lit our candles from these flames. Due to many new people attending the 9 am service for the first time, we had to alter our plans to accommodate more people; but a real sense of family was felt by all.

The 10.30 was dominated by our great baptism of Vikkii. Her testimony spoke about the impact of Alpha and how it changed her:

“Now I’m so full of love, joy, peace and the Holy Spirit”

Vikkii and her whole family have become very much part of our church and we look forward to seeing what God does next.

But Vikkii’s wasn’t the only baptism on Sunday. Two young man were baptised in the afternoon with testimony speaking off how Alpha impacted them and them becoming Christians. The first one said:

“But one day I went along … to see what is happening in Chris and Kate’s house, and once I met them, I said wow, it really is a peaceful and warm house, filled with love.

Then I thought, who can give such love surely has special power, and this power is not earthly but heavenly. And from that day I loved to go into the church for the Alpha course and into Chris’s house because I found peace, hope and love.

And I will never forget the Alpha away day when Dan prayed for me. I really felt the holy spirit … [and I decided to become a Christian]”

The second testimony was:

“On the Alpha away day, I had the chance to experience to Holy spirit. I cannot describe it to you have to feel to understand it. From that day my life is changed for the better and I felt thirsty to know more about Jesus. From that day the holy spirit fills my soul with peace and joy. Now, I'm new person I feel like I was born again. As Jesus said '' I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life''. Thank you, Jesus, for saving me and letting me see the life through your eyes. Thank you, Chris and Kate, for giving me this opportunity and treating me as family.”

It's great to know that the Alpha course is impacting people’s lives and they are making a decision to be baptised and to follow Jesus.

Do you want to be baptised?

If you are considering baptism, please contact us at

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