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Appointment of Director of Emerging Generations

Over the last few months, we have been engaging in a restructure of the staffing within our Children's and Youth department.


As part of this process we advertised for the new role of Director of Emerging Generations, this is a role where the new person will oversee the whole area of Emerging Generations (under 18’s), will empower and equip those who work with our children and young people and will think strategically how we grow and develop this amazing work whilst also thinking about and building on our relationship with St Johns School. We believe this a key appointment.


We received some excellent applications and on Sunday 17th March we held an interview day where our shortlisted candidate came. During the day he taught our 14+ youth, met with some of our Children's and youth team members and then had a very long interview with Fiona, James and Scott. We received excellent feedback on the candidate from the young people and leaders, and he answered all our questions at Interview incredibly well.


We are very pleased to announce that we offered a gentleman called Mike Corner the job and we are delighted to share that he has accepted. Mike is currently Growing Faith minister at St Catherine's Church in Houghton on the Hill and The Vines Academy Trust.

We can now confirm Mike will start with us on 5th June.


Mike and his family are excited to be joining us. Please pray for them as they seek to finish well in their current church and role, and that God will bless them as they join us.

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