Here at St John’s Leicester we have a places for ministry interns/discipleship year students. 

These places are fully funded and accommodation is provided through the Diocese of Leicester’s Community of the Tree of Life (in the heart of Leicester next door to the cathedral and diocese HQ ).

Who is it for?

The internship is for anyone aged 18-24 looking to:

  • Grow confidence in who God has made you to be

  • Discover the purpose he has for your life

  • Get involved by serving in a local church

  • Discover, exercise and nurture your spiritual gifts and passions

  • Be challenged to step out, risk and see God work through you

  • Experience the adventure of overseas mission

Where will you be serving?

At St John's we want you to experience a wide variety of ministry areas so we don't offer Internships in specific areas as such but that cover a wide range of things. If you do want to specialise in a specific area then please do get in touch. Throughout your time with us you will experience:

  • Youth & Children's Work

  • Media & Production

  • Foodbank & Compassion Ministries

  • St Peter's Church Plant

  • Administration

Training and Development

Within the internships there are a number of options available in terms of a training and investment pathway. These currently are:

  • New Wine Discipleship Year

  • New Wine Leadership Scheme (this is a new initiative for those having done the DY or who are more mature and looking to engage with church leadership)

  • Community of the Tree of Life - as well as residency they have a programme of spiritual development.

  • St Mellitus  1st Year - based at the East Midlands Centre in Nottingham (1 day a week study) Available to second year interns

  • CYM - Discernment Year - the first year of a degree in Applied Theology with specific emphasis on Children and/or Young People.

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We believe these roles offer an exciting opportunity for an individual looking to explore church leadership or grow in their faith - with limited to no financial outlay. We are obviously thinking about how we would help you to engage in a world of social distancing and limited communal gathering. The community of the Tree of Life facility has been fully fitted out for young people to reside in a “bubble” with the necessary connectivity to engage in their training and context placements.


If you are looking (or know people who are looking) to do a gap-year or exploring leadership in a church context then please can you pass them this information! It maybe that you have delayed their decisions about this coming academic year because of the uncertainty around circumstances. We would love to give you a welcoming, constructive and engaging place to learn and explore!

How do I apply?

You can fill in the application below or simply contact us at to ask us questions and to know more about our church, role, duties and the course.

New Wine Discipleship Year