Application for the enrolment on the church electoral roll of the parish of St John the Baptist Church, Clarendon Park, Leicester.

If you are a member of SJB and have not yet signed up for the 2019-2025 SJB church electoral roll please complete an application form.

Or complete this application form and email to electoralroll@sjbchurch.co.uk or post to Electoral Roll, Vicar’s Office, St John the Baptist Church, 4A Clarendon Park Road, Leicester, LE2 3AD by 24 March 2019 when the ER will close until after the APCM.


It is a way of saying “I belong” – an act of commitment to the local church and to the church as a whole. It also enables you to vote at the church's annual meeting (the "APCM"). If you are eligible to join I would love to encourage you to sign up. To be on the SJB church electoral roll you need to have worshipped at SJB regularly for at least the last six months or be resident in the parish. You should be baptised and at least 16 years old. If you are unsure of the view the Parish boundaries, contact us at office@sjbchurch.co.uk.