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In recent years, here at St Johns, we have been designated a Resourcing Church. Part of the outworking of this role is to plant or graft churches, whether that is starting something completely from scratch in a new space or partnering with an existing congregation to bring about revitalisation. St Johns is itself the beneficiary of a team from Holy Trinity grafting in with the existing congregation at St Johns a few years back, and so there is a sense in which we are seeking to do for another church what has been done for us.

In March 2020, just before the national lockdown due to Coronavirus, we entered into a partnership agreement with St Peters, Oadby. Similarly, to what happened for St Johns a few years ago, this will entail a small team from St Johns going to St Peters with Jon Tearne, our planting curate, to encourage, strengthen and enliven the mission and ministry of St Peters.

On Sunday 24th January at 10am Jon & Sami are being licensed at St Peter's, tune into the St Peter's YouTube channel here to support them


Church Planting

St Peter's Announcement

Jenny Ridge shares her experience of grafting at Holy Apostles

Ben Gardner shares with Sami his experience of planting last year

Fiona tells us about her experience grafting from Holy Trinity to St John's

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