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These terms and conditions have been revised for us as a youth community to adapt to the changes brought in by isolation from Covid-19 and continue to evolve over time.

Last amended 25/09/2023


  1. Parental consent must be given for young people to participate in online group chats.

  2. Where a young person is under the age of using a platform such as Instagram (minimum age 13) young people will not be permitted to join or interact. If they are discovered to be under the age permitted they will be removed without warning.

  3. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their child is of an appropriate age to use social media platforms and online games. Leaders will attempt to support this if we are aware of true ages via our Churchsuite registration software.

  4. Each group chat will be hosted and monitored by two DBS checked and safer recruited adults, one of whom is the designated Youth Ministry Lead. Where possible group chats will also include the official St. John's social media accounts for increased transparency and accountability that is monitored by members of the St. John's staff team.

  5. Recording or screenshotting conversations is not permitted by young people and leaders will only screenshot messages for the sake of transparency or to submit any safeguarding concerns that arise from the conversations.

  6. We will not allow bullying or mean comments to be shared or individuals will be removed from the group chat.

  7. Communication via any form of Social Media will take place within appropriate hours. Generally speaking between the hours of 8am - 9pm. Young people are responsible for not responding to messages whilst they are in lessons or at school and are encouraged to mute the chats where necessary.

  8. Youth leaders will not respond to private messages and all messages should be sent via the public chat. Nor will leaders engage with young people on the leaders personal social media platforms included but not limited to following the young person back

  9. Members should not share external links or content without prior approval from the leaders. This is to prevent the sharing of inappropriate or harmful material.

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