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Lent Series 1 - Small Group Leader Notes - 6/3/22

The King, The Kingdom and the Spirit

The Expectation of the Kingdom


  1. Read Mark 1:14-15 – this is a summary of Jesus mission and message. What does it mean for the Kingdom of God to come near? What is the Kingdom of God? What does it look like?

  2. Read Mat 6:9-10 – what can we learn about the kingdom of God from this prayer?


For the Jews at the time of Jesus, their ‘expectation of the kingdom’ was influenced by three key stories in the OT, the Exodus, the reign of David and especially Solomon, and the message of the prophets.

  1. Recall what we have learned about the Exodus. Can you think of parallels between the ministry of Moses and that of Jesus? How did the ministry of Jesus supersede that of Moses?

  2. Read 1 Kings 4:20-34 - describe some features of Solomon’s kingdom. Can you think of parallels in the experience of the New Testament church described in Acts with the features of Solomon’s kingdom?


  1. Read John 20:19-23 – what do we learn about how Jesus commissions his followers from these verses? What does it mean to be sent as Jesus was sent (hint: think back to Mark 1:14-15)? How does this make us feel?

  2. Why is the role of the Holy Spirit so important? What does the Holy Spirit do?

Spend some time praying for one another that you will be filled with the Holy Spirit so that you are equipped, empowered to fulfil Jesus commission to us.

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