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Exodus Series 7 - Small Group Leader Notes - 27/2/22

The Journey of Life - Numbers 13 & 14

On Sunday we were reminded that life is a journey full of challenges, opportunities, and blessings, that eventually leads us to the promised land of Heaven.

We considered that

  1. The challenges are big and real

  2. So is God.

Have we ever been in a situation that is like the situation the Israelites are in – that is, a situation in which we know what God is asking us to do, but we do not want to do it?

  • What would have helped you at that point?

As we journey through life we can each experience God’s strength and victory.

  • Can you think of personal stories that would encourage other members of the group?

  • What did you learn from that part of your journey?

“Courage isn't having the strength to go on - it is going on when you don't have strength.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Reminding ourselves of God’s character and being strengthened by the Holy Spirit is vital if we are to move from fear to faith. Spend some time together sharing different aspects of God’s character and how they aid you in your daily life?

Are there particular challenges you are facing where you need God to strengthen you and provide breakthrough? Pray for each other, especially for a fresh equipping of the Holy Spirit.

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