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Discipleship & Leadership Development

On Sunday, Scott shared a little bit about how we are progressing in the areas of discipleship and leadership development, below is a summary of what he shared.

Last year we closed most of our small groups and ran ReGroup, which was the start of the process to reshape how we seek to make disciples. We are aware that for many people there has been a real void since groups closed and this has been incredibly difficult.

“I found out the hard way that if we don't disciple people, the culture sure will. ” – Alan Hirsch. We live in a world that is constantly seeking to “disciple us a

As we have undertaken a prayerful review of all we do, we have felt an increasing sense that we are called to create a discipleship culture and not just start a bunch of new small groups. This means we are looking to create a culture within the church in every area that says “we want to be disciples who make disciples” – a simple working definition of disciple is “someone who seeks to follow Jesus example of life.” Disciples grow something like the graphic below.

So, where are we up to?

We are looking to create an organic structure where new Intentional Discipleship Relationships begin to form, the graphic below gives you an indication of some the ways this could work out.

Within these relationships there will be elements such as:

1. Prayer

2. Joint bible Study and clear personal application.

3. Holy Spirit ministry

4. Accountability

5. Challenge (particularly around missional living and holiness.)

How are we going to start to roll this out?

Create LLC (Leadership Learning Community)

We have first meeting in a couple of weeks. This is an incubator for leadership. More people will be added into this over the next few months, there is no guarantee that anyone who attends will be released in leadership within the church, but it’s a place to see what God is doing and provide helpful input. A place to begin to equip, hear from God, see what He wants for individuals and start to release new IDR.

This is going to be a slow build as we seek to release new leaders.

What can you do?

1. Pray for us in this area this is not a small simple project.

2. Talk to Sami or Scott if you are concerned or have some questions.

3. Commit to being a disciple and making disciples.

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