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Last term we held weekly sessions of ReGroup. This was a helpful way for us to literally regroup in the presence of Jesus. It enabled relationships to form and gave us sense of closeness and identity as a church. We based ReGroup on Acts 1 where the apostles regrouped and Jesus spoke to them envisioning, commissioning, and instructing them to wait for the Spirit before they acted. Their instinctive response was to pray. We plan to continue in this vein in the new year.

To that end we are staring this new term with another ReGroup and encouraging as many of us as possible to come. The evenings will consist of food, fun, and growing friendship. We will worship, pray, and have time for small group discussion.

The plan will be to continue ReGroup Twice a term, so there will be another before Easter.

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Who is it for?

Everyone in St Johns! Whether you are in a small group or not, have just joined or been coming for years, this is for you!

What are the dates for this term?

Thursday 19th January | 7-9.30pm

Thursday 16th March | 7-9.30pm

Don't worry if you can't make a few of the dates, but please try to come to as many as possible.

What will the evenings be like?

The evenings will start with some kind of food, around a table with around 10 other people. We will put you on a table with people some people you already know, but it will also be an opportunity to form relationships with others in the church you may not know.

There will be a very short time of input, discussion on your table, time to worship together and pray for one another.

Will there be food?

Yes! We provide a full meal! You will be able to let us know your dietary requirements on sign-up. 

Who will be on my table?

You will be on a table with a mixture of people, some you may know, others you may not, but this is a chance to build relationships with one another. 

Do I need to sign-up?

As we will be providing food as part of the evening we do need people to sign-up so we know numbers for catering. We also need to know for planning the tables.

How much does it cost?

We want to make this evenings open to everyone and so you are able to sign-up at no cost. As we will be providing food as part of the evening there is a cost involved in putting it on, so when you sign-up there is an option to pay £2.50 towards the costs. Please don't feel you have to contribute, we don't want money to be a factor in you coming.

I have other church meetings/activities so I can't come

On the weeks where we run ReGroup, as much as possible, we have cancelled all other meetings and are asking people to make this a priority above everything else.

I have my small group as well and I can't come to both

We have asked all evening small groups not to meet on the weeks we have ReGroup, this is to allow space everyone's diaries to come along.

I can't make it for 7pm

Don't worry if you can't quite make it for 7pm. The first hour will be food and building community, so let us know if you're going to be late and we'll save you some food.

I can't come to an evening meeting

We understand that some people can't come out in the evening, due to childcare or other reasons, if you can't be there we are looking at other ways you can be involved. If you are a parent perhaps it would be possible for you to alternate weeks? If babysitting would help, do let us know.

Do you need people to serve on team?

As with things like this, it requires a team to put it on, including serving food and packing up. We believe that as part of being the church family together we should all play our part in serving. Therefore we will ask everyone who signs up to serve once throughout the eight weeks, this means the work does not fall to a small number of people. We will also be asking everyone to wash-up there own plates to help minimise the work load on the serving team.

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