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Sunday groups

At the 10.30 all ages join together for the first part of the service.

At 11am children leave to join their groups according to their age.

TINY SPARKS - 1-3 years
A relaxed group for our youngest children and their parent/carer. We explore Bible stories, sing songs together and play. A great time for parents to meet and connect. As the children get older they can stay on their own by agreement.
LITTLE SPARKS - Pre-school and FS2. 3-5 years. 
A space for children to develop their understanding of God and relationship with Him through Bible stories, activities, crafts and games.
IGNITE - School year 1-3. 5-8 years. 
A lively group that meets in the Parish Centre learning about faith and prayer through the Bible stories and activities using a variety of media.
FLAME - School year 4-6. 8-11 years. 
This group walks over to the school during the service to use their facilities. The space allows fun and games to build friendships to delve deeper into the Bible and look at how they can put their faith into action.
BLAZE - School year 7+. 11+ years. 
Our group of young people go across to the school. It is an opportunity to grow in their faith and to explore questions about everyday life. Our young people are actively encouraged to get involved in helping in the children groups, projection team and in the worship band or in any way where they can develop their gifts. On occasions they stay in the service.

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