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making changes

pews for chairs

God is calling us to make a step-change in our journey as 'a family of God on mission seeking to transform Clarendon park and beyond with the love and power of Jesus Christ'.

This step change sees us more vision-focused, more passionate in our worship, increasingly devoted in our prayer, radically loving and clear, proactive and ambitious in our mission.

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How our building looks and feels and is flexible to the demands of modern day ministry and mission, is so important. Our pews have been part of our church history and have been a real character within it's story.

But now we need to go further in our mission and we need to do some things differently.

Click here to read the broader vision for our first phase.

We have a multi phased building programme planned for our church.

Responding to the call of God to make a step-change in all that we do, we are going to take a ‘faith-risk’. We do not yet have all the money we need for all of the changes we want to make. But we believe and trust in a God who provides for those he calls.

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