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Lent Series 4 - Small Group Leader Notes - 27/3/22


  • Spend some time in thanksgiving, praise and worship – here’s some ideas of how:

    • simply invite people to pray short one-sentence prayers of praise/thanksgiving

    • read a psalm and then spend some time in silence together reflecting on it

    • play a worship song via spotify or apply music – either simply listen or invite people to sing along to it

    • invite people to call out names or titles for God

    • read a short psalm or a few verses and then invite people to paraphrase it in everyday language

  • Consider, in what ways does the Kingdom of God reflect the nature of the King


  • Read Mat 5:1-12 – read it twice from different translations. Invite people to comment on what they notice in the passage, what thoughts/questions does this stimulate?

  • What does this passage tell us about the nature of God? What do we learn about people?

  • The Sermon on the Mount is a block of teaching that Jesus gave on what life in the kingdom is like. How does it change how we think about it to see it has a gift and vision for human flourishing, rather than a set of rules that are impossible to keep?


  • How do you personally engage with Kingdom Community? At St John’s we want to extended family on mission where we all contribute, and all are supported. Everyone contributing means we all pray, belong, serve, give and make disciples. What does this look like for you? Where do you find this easy, where do you find it difficult? What can we as a church do to make it easier for people to engage?

  • Read Mat 6:25-34. What is your experience of financial giving? Do you find it easy or hard? How do you feel about it now? how does the sermon on the mount encourage/challenge you in your giving? What are you going to do about this?

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