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Exodus Series 2 - Small Group Leader Notes 23/1/22

EXODUS: Encounter

One of the most pivotal moments in the Biblical story is Moses and the Burning Bush.

This episode highlights our vital need for encounter with God, not only for our own benefit but also for the sake of our broken world. These small group notes help us to explore the initial encounter Moses had, as well as his ongoing relationship with YAHWEH. This leads us to inspect our own relationship with God and how it is transformed through Christ.

An encounter with I AM

Read Exodus 2:23 – 3:15

  • Share an encounter you’ve had with someone you had not seen for a long time. How much did your separation affect the encounter as a whole?

  • How does Moses’ encounter fit into God’s big plan? Can you think of other moments in scripture that are pivotal like this one?

  • If God’s patient plan stretches across all history, how does this help you view God’s plan across your life/community?

Moses’ Ongoing Encounters

Read Exodus 33: 7-11

  • What do you remember about your first Encounter with Christ?

  • How have your encounters with Christ varied since your first one?

  • How has this informed your ongoing understanding of who you are in Christ?

Our Encounter Today Through Christ

Read 2 Corinthians 3:7-18

  • How do feel when reading this? Is this news to you or an intense reminder?

  • In what ways do you feel you may be keeping a ‘veil’ over your eyes?

  • How will you respond to the invitation of an ‘unveiled’ encounter with Christ?

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