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Scripture hunt

Join the exciting August Scripture treasure hunt in Clarendon Park & Knighton! 🏴‍☠️🔍 Discover 12 geocaches with scripture references, note them down, and unveil the theme. Family-friendly fun with prizes for finding all 12, and an extra treat if you connect them all! 🎉🏆 Don't forget to sign and date your find, I'll be checking!

New to Geocaching? No worries! It's a global treasure hunt using navigation skills to find hidden containers. Check the pictures to know what to look for. 🌍🔎

Email Ali at for questions or if you find the link. Get ready for a thrilling adventure! 🌟🗺️📧

Geocache 1.jpg
Geocache 3.jpg
Geocache 2.jpg

Clarendon Park Map

Knighton Map

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